Choosing a Day Clock

There are many types of dementia day clocks on the market.  This article surveys the current state of the market and lists the advantages and disadvantages of each.

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SNL Echo Silver – Too Close to Home for Many

SNL recently aired a parody of the Amazon Echo “poking fun” at the elderly population. There was a good deal of criticism voiced about the piece. On a serious note – It’s a shame that Amazon doesn’t see the huge potential of an Echo like device in assisting the elderly. There is a great deal of research describing the benefits of music for those suffering from dementia or mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and Amazon with its ability to produce fantastic products and its vast library of music content is in a unique position to introduce a revolutionary product.

RecallCue is not sitting back and waiting for Amazon- we are hard at work on our own music features for our connected day clock.

Should we be disrupting dementia?

Based on my own experience both caring for a family member with dementia as well as being a co-founder in a related startup, I found this to be an extremely important article. I would not advocate stopping to try and disrupt- rather 1) learn from the mistakes made and keep improving, 2) listen to the advice of the experts, 3) as with any product, talk to and understand the customer base. (Build, Measure, Learn)