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Installing RecallCue Day Clock

To get started download the RecallCue Day Clock app from the Apple or Google Play stores.

When you first run the app you will be presented with two options.

  • If you do not yet have an account click on the “No, I need to create one” button.
  • If you have installed and created an account on Connect then choose the “Yes, I already have an account” option.* Note – you use the same account to log in on the Day Clock and Connect apps.

You will be presented with a screen to create and account. Enter your name, email and select a password (password must be at least 7 characters long) and click “Signup”

You will now see a screen with links to the RecallCue Connect app.  The Connect app is used to manage and configure your day clock.  After you download the Connect app click “OK” and your Day Clock Will display.


The free version of the Day Cock app will display the current day of week, date, time, and time of day.

To make changes to the day clock display download the RecallCue Connect app from the Apple or Google Play stores and log in using the same username and password you created on the day clock. Using the Connect app you will be able to adjust several settings on the day clock such as changing from digital to analog clock, choose the language to display and turn on or off any of the basic features.

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